CALL FOR INTEREST; Consultancy for Gender Audit

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Call for interest: Consultancy for Participatory Gender Audit

LO is searching for a consultant to facilitate a Participatory Gender Audit in Ethiopia.

Scope of the Audit

The aim of this initiative is to make LO and partners more gender responsive. The Participatory Gender Audit (from now on referred to as “the Audit”) will be conducted at organisational level with LO's partner in Ethiopia.


The Consultant will be the facilitator of a participatory self-assessment methodology. With the assistance of the consultant, participants (organisation staff and leadership) will assess attitudes and practices and develop ideas on how the organisation and the individual can improve on gender equality and mainstreaming.


The Audit shall be designed to increase organisational understanding and learning on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in trade unions. The audit will assess the current situation in the targeted trade unions, the extent to which gender equality is being institutionalised within the organisations and provide a baseline for progress on gender mainstreaming. Furthermore, the Audit shall inform development of gender mainstreaming strategy and guide the work of LO and partner in Ethiopia. This includes looking at working culture, structure, policies, decision-making, values, and resource allocation.

The Audit shall be designed to promote learning and ownership of the process and the results within the organisation.


The Gender Audit shall focus on the following issues:

  • Structures and policies
  • Representation
  • Values and working culture;
  • Leadership and decision making;
  • Staff capacity;
  • Gender mainstreaming in programme and policy;
  • Resource allocation, including tools and budget and accounts;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Organisational culture such as workplace issues including sexual harassment and gender based violence;

The participatory process will identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities, help partners establish a baseline, identify and share information on mechanisms that work, and define recommendations and the way forward in promoting gender equality. The aim is that trade union organisations increase organisational learning and awareness and take the organisational ownership of gender equality initiatives and action planning.


It is desired that the Audit process is guided by the ILO Participatory Gender Audit Manual as a guiding tool for the social audit process with the partners. Other similar tools/approaches that focus on participatory gender audits are also acceptable. 


Qualifications and experience

It is required that the Consultant for the Gender Audit possesses the following qualifications and experience:

  • Solid training and facilitation skills
  • Sound knowledge of basic gender concepts
  • Committed to the principles of equality of opportunities and treatment of women and men
  • Experience with the ILO manual or equivalent participatory gender audit tools
  • Excellent command of oral and written English

It is desirable that the Consultant for the Gender Audit possesses all or most of the following qualifications and experience:

  • Higher university level degree in Gender Studies or other relevant Social Sciences.
  • Proven track record to conduct gender audits
  • Certified in ILO's Participatory Gender Audit Tool
  • Extensive experience with working with gender equality and/or gender promotion
  • Knowledge of and experience with previous work with trade unions


Please mark your proposal with ‘Ethiopia Gender Audit’ and send it by 17th October to:, with copy to: