CALL FOR INTEREST Study on just transition and gender equality

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CALL FOR INTEREST Study on just transition and gender equality

LO is searching for a consultant to conduct a study on just transition and gender equality.

Scope of work 

The aim of this initiative is to enhance LO and partners understanding of the connections between gender equality and just transition. It also seeks to empower us with the tools to integrate gender equality into the core of just transition processes.  Additionally, the study aims to equip   trade unions with the knowledge and skills to lead in the green transition processes, while maintaining a focus on gender equality throughout the transition.  

The objectives for this assignment is to: 

  • To analyse how LO and partners can strengthen and integrate the work with gender equality in just transition processes (main objective)
  • To identify policy gaps and policy recommendations for ensuring that gender equality is an inherent part of just transition processes. 
  • To identify best practices and recommendations for how just transition can be a tool for gender equality.

The main deliverable for the consultant is a study report. Other deliverables are to facilitate a digital seminar disseminating key findings and identifying action points, and to develop text for a small resource pamphlet with key findings from the study and action points.   

The work of the Consultant is estimated to 20 working days in the period between December 2023 and January 2024. The assignment will be conducted mainly digitally.  

Qualifications and experience 

The Consultant for this assignment should possess the following qualifications:  

  • Significant experience and proven track record with conducting studies  
  • Good understanding of the concept of just transition 
  • Background/experience working with gender equality 
  • Excellent reporting skills in English
  • Good facilitation skills in English
  • Some knowledge of trade union work/the role of trade unions in society 

Language skills in Spanish or French would be considered an asset.   

Proposal submission 

  • Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their proposal comprising the following:
  • An understanding of the consultancy requirements 
  • Methodology and work plan for performing the assignment. 
  • Minimum 3 references (name, position, phone number and e-mail) from similar assignments 
  • CV (relevant experience must be specified) 
  • Financial proposal (inclusive of all applicable taxes and insurances). 
  • Samples of previous reports written by the consultant.  

Please mark your proposal with "Study on just transition and gender equality" and send it by 26th November 2023 to: Kamilla Berggrav and Nina Mjoberg.  

If you wish to receive the full ToR, please also use this email contact.