CALL FOR INTERST Consultancy for Participatory Gender Audit in Zanzibar

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CALL FOR INTERST Consultancy for Participatory Gender Audit in Zanzibar

LO is searching for a consultant to facilitate a Participatory Gender Audit in Zanzibar.


Scope of work 

The overall aim of this initiative is to make LO and partners more gender responsive. The Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) shall contribute to increase organisational learning and awareness and that the targeted trade union take the organisational ownership of gender equality initiatives and action planning. 

This Participatory Gender Audit will be conducted at organisational level with LO's partner ZATUC in Zanzibar (Tanzania). A PGA team shall be established with one external consultant (hereafter called “the consultant”), one representative from LO, and two representatives of ZATUC. 

The Consultant will be the lead facilitator of a participatory self-assessment methodology. With the assistance of the other members of the PGA team (one person from LO and two persons from ZATUC), participants (organisation staff and leadership) will assess attitudes and practices and develop ideas on how the organisation and the individual can improve on gender equality and mainstreaming.  

The Audit shall be designed to increase organisational understanding, ownership and learning on Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in trade unions. The audit will assess the current situation in the targeted trade union, the extent to which gender equality is being institutionalised1.  

The participatory process will identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities. It shall help ZATUC establish a baseline, identify, and share information on mechanisms that work, and define recommendations and the way forward in promoting gender equality.  

It is desired that the Gender Audit process is guided by the ILO Participatory Gender Audit Manual2 or other relevant tools for conducting participatory gender audits.  

Key components of the social audit methodology proposed are: Desk review, survey (if applicable), interviews, focus group discussions, and a plenary workshop 


  • The main deliverable of the Gender Audit Consultant is the Gender Audit Report. The report should be between max 20 pages (plus annexes), submitted in English language.  
  • The second deliverable is a Draft Gender Action Plan. This will inform further development of the cooperation project between LO and partner(s), including planning and budgeting.  
  • The third deliverable is a presentation of the key findings and recommendations to key persons in the targeted trade union.  

Qualifications and experience

It is required that the Consultant for the Gender Audit possesses the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Solid training and facilitation skills 
  • Sound knowledge of basic gender concepts 
  • Committed to the principles of equality of opportunities and treatment of women and men 
  • Experience with the ILO manual and equivalent participatory gender audit tools 
  • Excellent command of oral and written English 

It is desired that the Consultant for the Gender Audit also possesses the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Higher university level degree in Social Sciences or other relevant fields 
  • Proven track record to conduct gender audits 
  • Certified in ILO's Participatory Gender Audit Tool 
  • Extensive experience with working with gender equality and/or gender promotion 
  • Knowledge of and experience with previous work with trade unions 

Time frame 

The work of the Consultant will be up to 20 working days, in November-December 2022. These 20 days should include 3-4 days preparatory work, up to 10 days field work and 5-7 days of report writing.  

The final report should be ready by 20th December 2022. It is an absolute requirement to complete the PGA work in 2022. 

Proposal submission  

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their proposal comprising the following: 

  • An understanding of the consultancy requirements. 
  • Methodology and work plan for performing the assignment. 
  • Minimum 3 references (name, position, phone number and e-mail) from similar assignments 
  • CV (relevant experience must be specified) 
  • Financial proposal with detailed budgeted cost for the work to be conducted by the consultant under these Terms of Reference. Financial proposal must be inclusive of all applicable taxes and insurances. 
  • Samples of previous reports and (if applicable) gender action plans written by the consultant.

Please mark your proposal with " ZATUC participatory gender audit" and send it by 20th October 2022 to: Jane Vogt Evensen and Olav Andresen

If you wish to receive the full ToR, or for questions and clarifications, please direct these to the two above e-mail addresses.