Raising concerns (whistleblowing)

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Raising concerns (whistleblowing)

LO has a policy and a procedure in place for dealing with whistleblowing. The procedure for raising concerns is the same whether you are using LO Norway funds, contract labour or you represent LO directly. If you suspect or have seen incidences of corrupt practices in the organisation, you are urged to raise a concern so that the organisation's leadership is alerted to this and has the opportunity to implement the necessary corrective measures.

NB! If you need to raise concern on your working place, please contact the company's own whistleblowing contact. This page is only related to LO as an organisation, not if you need to raise a concern on your working place or other Norwegian companies. 

The aim of LO’s policy on raising concerns is to foster an open environment where you are more likely to disclose all types of information regarding corruption, fraud, sexual harassment and other unethical malpractice related to LO Norway activities. 

All information generated when concern is raised will be treated with confidantiality and taking due regard for the protection of privacy pursuant to current legislation and regulations.

You decide whether you want your identity to be known, or if you want full anonymity, as it is possible to pass any documentation completely anonymously through LO's notification form.

The in-house whistleblowing body shall involve you to decide how to clarify the concerns which have been reported.

Circumstances worthy of criticism are to be cleared up.

If you are not anonymous LO shall give you feedback within a week.

If it turns out that the criticism is found without foundation or based on misunderstanding, the whistle blower shall receive a proper explanation.

LO Norway is responsible for protecting individuals subjected to groundless criticism.

Upon suspicion of any illegal or unethical cases, LOs in-house whistleblowing body should be notified through one of these channels:

Telephone to LOs in-house whistleblowing body: (+47) 41512712.
Email: elin.kleven@lo.no, mark the e-mail “Confidential notice”
Reporting by post, mark the envelope “Confidential notice” and send to:
LO Norway, Elin Kleven/Head of HR Departement, Torggata 12, 0181 Oslo, Norway

Or use this digital format:

Raising concerns (Whistleblowing)



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