Dear International Students

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Unge mennesker står samlet sammen på campus. Illustrasjon.
Foto: LO/Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien

LO Student for International students

Welcome to Norway! As you begin your exciting journey as a student here, we want to introduce you to LO Student, a branch of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). LO is an organization with over 1 million members that represents workers and students from various fields and industries. Our main mission is to fight for better conditions and rights for everyone, including international students like you.

Trade unions play a crucial role in representing workers' rights and interests worldwide. However, in the Nordic countries we have developed a distinctive model of social partnership, dialogue and collaboration with employer organizations and politicians that set us apart from the rest of the world. LO has been vital to form policies that has given Norway one of the best labour policies, best welfare systems and most productive economies in the world. But LO is much more than that.

As a student member in one of LO’s 25 affiliated unions, you’ll get at specially tailored membership to address the needs and interests of studens – both those who have a have a part-time job or you’re just focusing on studying. LO Students is a dynamic student organization that operates under the umbrella of LO. It is designed to empower and support student members at work and during your studies.

Why Join LO as a student?

The benefit program

LOfavør is a benefit program offered to members of LO and provide a range of benefits in areas such as insurance, banking services, energy, travel, culture , and much more. Members can take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts from various partners. Check out all benefits at

The community

LO Students («LO-studentene» in Norwegian) is LO's student organization present at all major educational institutions, and we have over 26,000 student members from various professions and fields of study. As a member of LO Students at your educational institution, you become part of a network of people heading in the same direction as you are. You can participate in events and become active at your campus.

Legal support

You can receive assistance in negotiating wages or legal support if you encounter difficult situations in your part-time job. Labour laws and collective agreements are difficult to navigate, especially for international students in a new country. If you need help, you can easily contact your LO trade union which you’ll be assigned to when you join. We’re here to help!

Career guidance and scholarships

Student members receive free career assistance with tips for your CV, cover letters, and job interviews. As a member of an LO-affiliated union, you can also access scholarships and study support for further education.

By joining LO-Studentene, you become part of a vibrant community that advocates for better conditions for students. Together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive environment for students and workers alike. Sounds like a good deal? Fill out the membership form HERE.