Programme of Action 2017 - 2021

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Foto: LO/Helge Heyerdahl

Programme of Action 2017 - 2021

Here you will find LO Norway`s Programme of Action 2017 - 2021 as adopted by the 34th Ordinary Congress, May 8-12, 2017.

LO Norway`s Programme of Action 2017 - 2021 startes with a description of the bigger picture.

The bigger picture

Norway is, to the great majority of us, a good place to live. Cultural services almost free of cost, free education and a well-developed social safety net have helped create a society in which one is safe should the unexpected happen. A robust labour legislation, coupled with strong, responsible trade unions and a regulated labour market, ensures a safe and sustainable world of work. A smoothly functioning democracy where decisions are taken collectively and where non-governmental organizations and the free media play an important role are decisive for the freedom of the individual. We have access to nature close by where we live; crime rates are low, as is the level of social conflict. Women and men enjoy more equality than ever and everyone can participate in different social settings and forums independently of their gender.

Small social differences and a society in which people share meeting places help build security and mutual trust. It creates a “we” that does not come at the cost of the “I”. The combination of a strong welfare state and a relatively equal distribution of private prosperity ensures a good balance between individual freedoms and the security provided by society.

The Norwegian model has proved resilient and it generates interest among social engineers in other parts of the world. It has produced high rates of employment, effective adaptability and a learning world of work. This society did not create itself. Organised interest communities have been instrumental in developing Norway’s democracy and welfare state.

The labour movement in particular has played an important role in ensuring democracy, economic growth, gender parity, balanced redistribution and safety for all citizens. Political cooperation between LO and the Labour Party has been instrumental in imprinting our values on the Norwegian society and will continue to do so in future. Today, Norway proves that balanced redistribution is not an obstacle to economic growth but rather a precondition.

LO Norway`s Programme of Action 2017 - 2021